Our Shop Address

31, Tumanyan st.
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Phone: (+374 10) 50 03 07
FAX: (+374 10) 50 03 07
E-mail: info@MinaDeOro.am


Our people have always been proud of the Armenian jewelers, which are known throughout the world. The fact that 7% of the world’s jewelers are Armenians, imposes on us a great responsibility. Jewelry of our masters are in demand worldwide.The company ” Hovyan Holding ” was founded in 2005. For 10 years, our company has gathered around him the best specialists in their field. Jewelry factory is equipped with the latest Swiss and Italian equipment, and the new ideas and the desire to create beauty allows us to proudly continue the good tradition of jewelry craft and show the world the masterpieces of Armenian jewelers. In shop to the address Tumanyan 31 are presented exclusive jewelry of the ”Mina De Oro” and ”Hovyan” brands for people with refined taste and unique preferences. The acquired products emphasize character and the attitudes of the buyer towards beauty in general. In 2011 the Mina De Oro brand was awarded in the nomination ”National trust’ ‘.According to the vote results among the people and to opinions of experts he was recognized the best and was given the award ” Break of the year ”.

Mina De Oro Jewellery

Since 2011 websites MinaDeOro.am  and MinaDeOro.biz  help us to improve communication with visitors by providing them with all the necessary information about us and our works.Our visitors can contact us at any time using the feedback.

New achievements in the field of communication

At the moment, you can see the content anywhere in the world and from any device that has an entry in the “world wide web” .Also we have created a new address for our visitors from other countries www.MinaDeOro.ru. With love waiting for you all.

The possibilities of endless luxury

Mina De Oro provides high-quality products that make us special in the global market.
Every visitor gets the opportunity to emphasize the uniqueness by using our products.Opinions of our visitors is very important to us.
Mina De Oro gives limitless possibilities.