Fish Farming
''Hovyan'' LLC has a large fishfarm, where they grow a wide range of products to meet the demand in the domestic market.The variety of production includes trout,sturgeon,starlet and crayfish.Growing process is carried out in caviar cultivation stage to the finished product.
''Hovyan'' LLC is also engaged in horticulture.Our company is cultivating many sorts of fruits,as apples,apricots,cherries,plums,grapes and etc. Care and cultivation is carried out by experienced and highly qualified specialists and thanks to them today we can be proud of the quality of the harvest.
Hovyan Jewellery
Unlimited Luxury
Our people have always been proud of the Armenian jewelers, which are known throughout the world. The fact that 7% of the world's jewelers are Armenians, imposes on us a great responsibility. Jewelry of our masters are in demand worldwide.
In 2011 “Mina De Oro” brand won the “National Trust” prize, also voted in favour by the high level of experts at the “Breakthrough of the year” contest, winning the ''Best Brand'' nomination
''Hovyan'' LLC is the only official representative of the corporation "Soyuz" in Armenia.“Soyuz" corporation deals with food facts of special purpose which are widely used in sweets, chocolate, cheese, ice cream and dairy production.


At the 31 Tumanyan street store you may find exclusive jewellery by “Mina De Oro” & “Hovyan Holding”

Fish Farming

The farm uses the stuff of world-renowned manufacturers that have their own place in fisheries field.


Hovyan LLC performs crop purveyance and export in the Republic of Armenia, as well as outside the country.


 We Use The Latest Technology

A Little About Hovyan LLC

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“Hovyan” LLC was founded in 2010. The company carries out activities in various fields. Being carried for the development of our country’s economy, Hovyan LLC does everything possible to promote it, to be useful for the Republic of Armenia and its people.
The Company’s range of activities is wide and varied. It includes fish farming, cattle breeding, jewelry sector, manufacturing in the sphere of vegeteable oil, horticulture, import and export. Since USSR perioud all above-mentioned sectors have been mostly developed, presentable and stable. Due to the fertile land, clean water, human resources and great devotion our country has opportunity to recover its economy.